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Welcome to K9s Place! We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and training expertise for your dog!
Located at 3370 N Wickham Rd in Melbourne, FL close to 95 and rt 1.

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Effective dog training,
real behavior solutions

Is your dog behaving in ways that are embarrassing, stressful, or even potentially dangerous?

Are you tired of begging or bribing your dog to listen?

Are basic activities like walking your dog a miserable and potentially hazardous situation?

Living with a dog should be fun and fulfilling. Having a dog that doesn’t listen can disruptive to your life. You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault! We completely understand and are here to help. We’ll work with you so that you’ll understand why your dog isn’t listening, and we’ll teach you strategies to make permanent behavioral changes.

Obedience training includes TEN essential basic obedience commands:

  • Sit 
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Place
  • Recall (Come)
  • Heel
  • Quiet
  • Leave it
  • Out
  • Drop it

 After working with K9’s place and by following our system, your dog won’t pull or lunge during walks, jump on people, overreact to stimuli in the environment, or behave inappropriately during any situation.

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At k9splace, you get the most effective dog training services, We follow training schedules, so it becomes a habit for your dogs.

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We are a small daycare and we currently cater to a small pack of up to 40 daycare dogs. We brake them up into size and temperament and our ratio human to dog is 1:10. Daycare is offered for full and half day and package pricing is available. See pricing tab.


We will board any size dog. We can accommodate extra small to extra-large breeds. Our accommodations vary from large 5x5 kennels, to 3x5 kennels to 2x4 kennels. We also offer top of the line molded plastic “crates” (Dakota Kennels) for crate trained and board and trained dogs. See pricing page for kennel pricing.


We are a full service dog training company, handling everything from your 8 week old to any age. We focus on obedience training which is the foundation for all wanted behavior and behavior modification for undesired behavior. We will, in the future, add agility and sport to our list of training services. We have private, semi-private, and group classes for dog training most evening. Private session can occur in the evening and daytime hours. Group classes are offered for different levels of training from beginner to advanced obedience. Private: You, your furry pal, and a dog trainer for 50 minutes. Semi-private: share a session with 1 or 2 other friends and parents. Group: Up to 10 dogs and parents.

Our Pricing Plan

Choose the best
package for your

Board and train obedience two weeks:

  • Board and train obedience two weeks   $1,500.00 additional weeks $750.00 per week. Board and train aggressive dogs, two week minimum $1,750.00 additional weeks $900.00 per week.
  • Day train, 5 day minimum $500.00.
  • PAL play and learn for puppies, morning or afternoon session $40 after 14 weeks can handle full day $75.
  • Private lessons 50 minutes each $75.00.
  • Private lessons at your home $100.00.
  • Group lessons (50 minutes) or multiple dogs same family 3 dogs minimum 5, maximum 25.
  • Group classes, once a week for 4 weeks.


  • Small kennel 2×4 (dogs under 25 lbs only) $34.00/night.

  • Crates (for dogs that are crate trained and prefer it)  $34.00/night.

  • Medium kennel 3×5 (excluding xl breeds)  $40.00/night.

  • Large suite 5×5 (any size dog) $50.00/ for one dog $35.00/night for additional dog(s).


  • Up early if you choose. Full day 8am-5:30pm – $25.00.

  • Drop off as early as 7 am for an additional $10.00.

  • Stay until from 8am to 6:30pm add $10 or do both early drop and late pickup for $15.00.

  • Bulk purchases- 10 days 8am to 5:30 for $225.00.

  • Bulk purchases -30 days 8am to 5:30 for $600.00.

PAL (play and learn for puppies) morning or afternoon session

$35 per session

Private training options

½ Day Puppy classes

These classes are offered in three hour segments one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Drop your 10–16-week-old puppy off for a few hours of our Play and Learn (PAL) program. Puppies are introduced to training in fun ways and are exposed to different objects and noises to socialize and desensitize them. Your puppy will have a blast in class and be learning an abundance of new skills at the same time!

Board and train

Board and train programs are great opportunities for focused obedience training. Board and trains are most effective in two-week sessions. The K9s place board and train allows you to drop your dog OR puppy off for a fully immersive two week training program at our facility. This creates a more comprehensive training environment and is well suited for dogs who may need increased supervision or more rigorous training.
2-Week Board-and-Train
(Training tools not included) : $1995.00
2-Week Board-and-Train for Puppies
(Includes potty training, training tools not included) : $2,395
2-Week Board-and-Train with E-Collar Training
(Training tools not included) : $2,495

Board and train
aggressive Behavior Modification

Aggression is a behavior that is learned, genetic, or innate. When a dog feels threatened or has a lack of confidence, the two responses will be fight or r flight. Most dogs will put distance between themselves and the threat, if the threat remains, they will become aggressive. At K9s place we offer a 3 week aggressive dog board and train. We use a combination of confidence building and desensitizing exercises, as well as, basic obedience training to eliminate the fear and uncertainty that leads to aggression. Once we have established confidence and obedience, we are able to focus on the underlying issues that have caused the aggression in your canine family member. No one can guarantee 100% success for some dogs that may be totally out of control. At an assessment we will be able to determine how serious the issue is. Three weeks is a minimum for aggressive dogs, it may take longer.
Starting at $3495.00


If you find yourself in need of an overnight stay for your pup, K9s place has got you covered! We treat every dog as if they were our own and give them the love and care that they need while you are away! Rest assured that they are receiving top notch service while they are in our care!
While with us, your dog will be fed one to two times per day (depending on owners' preference), will be administered prescribed medications, and taken out for 5 times daily for bathroom breaks and stretching their legs
Small kennel 2x4 (dogs under 25 lbs only) $40.00/night
Crates (for dogs that are crate trained and prefer it) $40.00/night
Medium kennel 3x5 (excluding xl breeds) $45.00/night
Large suite 5x5 (any size dog) $50.00/ for one dog $35.00/night for additional dog(s)
Daycare during boarding is available for an additional $15/day
Pet parents are welcome to bring their dog's bed and toys from home.


K9s Place Pack Walks are a positive and rewarding experience to add to your dog's training journey! Cover all of your pup's essential needs on Saturday Mornings
with our Palk Walks that provide training, socialization, AND exercise! This is an organized community walk that is inclusive to dogs of ALL types and sizes!
Join us Saturday mornings at 9am at Wickham Park's Dog Park Entrance!
$20 per walk


We are not full service groomers but we do have facilities to bathe your dog before pick up on either daycare pickups or boarding or if you just want your dog to get a bath
Starting at $20.00


Other than the puppy classes we do not offer half day daycare, our daycare is full day, you can pick up early if you choose.
Full day 8am-5:30pm - $25.00
Drop off as early as 7 am for an additional $10.00
Pick up as late as 6:30PM for an additional $10.00
Bulk purchases-
10 days 8am to 5:30 for $225.00
Bulk purchases -30 days 8am to 5:30 for $600.00

Any Dog. Any Size. Any Problem.

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